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Pablo Neira Ayuso says:

Netfilter/IPVS fixes for net

The following patchset contains Netfilter fixes for net:

1) Crash due to missing initialization of timer data in
   xt_IDLETIMER, from Juhee Kang.

2) NF_CONNTRACK_SECMARK should be bool in Kconfig, from Vegard Nossum.

3) Skip netdev events on netns removal, from Florian Westphal.

4) Add testcase to show port shadowing via UDP, also from Florian.

5) Remove pr_debug() code in ip6t_rt, this fixes a crash due to
   unsafe access to non-linear skbuff, from Xin Long.

6) Make net/ipv4/vs/debug_level read-only from non-init netns,
   from Antoine Tenart.

7) Remove bogus invocation to bash in selftests/netfilter/
   also from Florian.

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>