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Broadcom Northstar2 IOMUX Controller
The Northstar2 IOMUX controller supports group based mux configuration. There
are some individual pins that support modifying the pinconf parameters.
Required properties:
- compatible:
Must be "brcm,ns2-pinmux"
- reg:
Define the base and range of the I/O address space that contains the
Northstar2 IOMUX and pin configuration registers.
Properties in sub nodes:
- function:
The mux function to select
- groups:
The list of groups to select with a given function
- pins:
List of pin names to change configuration
The generic properties bias-disable, bias-pull-down, bias-pull-up,
drive-strength, slew-rate, input-enable, input-disable are supported
for some individual pins listed at the end.
For more details, refer to
For example:
pinctrl: pinctrl@6501d130 {
compatible = "brcm,ns2-pinmux";
reg = <0x6501d130 0x08>,
<0x660a0028 0x04>,
<0x660009b0 0x40>;
pinctrl-names = "default";
pinctrl-0 = <&nand_sel>, <&uart3_rx>, <&sdio0_d4>;
/* Select nand function */
nand_sel: nand_sel {
function = "nand";
groups = "nand_grp";
/* Pull up the uart3 rx pin */
uart3_rx: uart3_rx {
pins = "uart3_sin";
/* Set the drive strength of sdio d4 pin */
sdio0_d4: sdio0_d4 {
pins = "sdio0_data4";
drive-strength = <8>;
List of supported functions and groups in Northstar2:
"nand": "nand_grp"
"nor": "nor_data_grp", "nor_adv_grp", "nor_addr_0_3_grp", "nor_addr_4_5_grp",
"nor_addr_6_7_grp", "nor_addr_8_9_grp", "nor_addr_10_11_grp",
"gpio": "gpio_0_1_grp", "gpio_2_5_grp", "gpio_6_7_grp", "gpio_8_9_grp",
"gpio_10_11_grp", "gpio_12_13_grp", "gpio_14_17_grp", "gpio_18_19_grp",
"gpio_20_21_grp", "gpio_22_23_grp", "gpio_24_25_grp", "gpio_26_27_grp",
"gpio_28_29_grp", "gpio_30_31_grp"
"pcie": "pcie_ab1_clk_wak_grp", "pcie_a3_clk_wak_grp", "pcie_b3_clk_wak_grp",
"pcie_b2_clk_wak_grp", "pcie_a2_clk_wak_grp"
"uart0": "uart0_modem_grp", "uart0_rts_cts_grp", "uart0_in_out_grp"
"uart1": "uart1_ext_clk_grp", "uart1_dcd_dsr_grp", "uart1_ri_dtr_grp",
"uart1_rts_cts_grp", "uart1_in_out_grp"
"uart2": "uart2_rts_cts_grp"
"pwm": "pwm_0_grp", "pwm_1_grp", "pwm_2_grp", "pwm_3_grp"
List of pins that support pinconf parameters:
"qspi_wp", "qspi_hold", "qspi_cs", "qspi_sck", "uart3_sin", "uart3_sout",
"qspi_mosi", "qspi_miso", "spi0_fss", "spi0_rxd", "spi0_txd", "spi0_sck",
"spi1_fss", "spi1_rxd", "spi1_txd", "spi1_sck", "sdio0_data7",
"sdio0_emmc_rst", "sdio0_led_on", "sdio0_wp", "sdio0_data3", "sdio0_data4",
"sdio0_data5", "sdio0_data6", "sdio0_cmd", "sdio0_data0", "sdio0_data1",
"sdio0_data2", "sdio1_led_on", "sdio1_wp", "sdio0_cd_l", "sdio0_clk",
"sdio1_data5", "sdio1_data6", "sdio1_data7", "sdio1_emmc_rst", "sdio1_data1",
"sdio1_data2", "sdio1_data3", "sdio1_data4", "sdio1_cd_l", "sdio1_clk",
"sdio1_cmd", "sdio1_data0", "ext_mdio_0", "ext_mdc_0", "usb3_p1_vbus_ppc",
"usb3_p1_overcurrent", "usb3_p0_vbus_ppc", "usb3_p0_overcurrent",
"usb2_presence_indication", "usb2_vbus_present", "usb2_vbus_ppc",
"usb2_overcurrent", "sata_led1", "sata_led0"