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* Marvell 98dx3236 pinctrl driver for mpp
Please refer to marvell,mvebu-pinctrl.txt in this directory for common binding
part and usage
Required properties:
- compatible: "marvell,98dx3236-pinctrl" or "marvell,98dx4251-pinctrl"
- reg: register specifier of MPP registers
This driver supports all 98dx3236, 98dx3336 and 98dx4251 variants
name pins functions
mpp0 0 gpo, spi0(mosi), dev(ad8)
mpp1 1 gpio, spi0(miso), dev(ad9)
mpp2 2 gpo, spi0(sck), dev(ad10)
mpp3 3 gpio, spi0(cs0), dev(ad11)
mpp4 4 gpio, spi0(cs1), smi(mdc), dev(cs0)
mpp5 5 gpio, pex(rsto), sd0(cmd), dev(bootcs)
mpp6 6 gpo, sd0(clk), dev(a2)
mpp7 7 gpio, sd0(d0), dev(ale0)
mpp8 8 gpio, sd0(d1), dev(ale1)
mpp9 9 gpio, sd0(d2), dev(ready0)
mpp10 10 gpio, sd0(d3), dev(ad12)
mpp11 11 gpio, uart1(rxd), uart0(cts), dev(ad13)
mpp12 12 gpo, uart1(txd), uart0(rts), dev(ad14)
mpp13 13 gpio, intr(out), dev(ad15)
mpp14 14 gpio, i2c0(sck)
mpp15 15 gpio, i2c0(sda)
mpp16 16 gpo, dev(oe)
mpp17 17 gpo, dev(clkout)
mpp18 18 gpio, uart1(txd)
mpp19 19 gpio, uart1(rxd), dev(rb)
mpp20 20 gpo, dev(we0)
mpp21 21 gpo, dev(ad0)
mpp22 22 gpo, dev(ad1)
mpp23 23 gpo, dev(ad2)
mpp24 24 gpo, dev(ad3)
mpp25 25 gpo, dev(ad4)
mpp26 26 gpo, dev(ad5)
mpp27 27 gpo, dev(ad6)
mpp28 28 gpo, dev(ad7)
mpp29 29 gpo, dev(a0)
mpp30 30 gpo, dev(a1)
mpp31 31 gpio, slv_smi(mdc), smi(mdc), dev(we1)
mpp32 32 gpio, slv_smi(mdio), smi(mdio), dev(cs1)