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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* zfcp device driver
* Definitions for handling diagnostics in the the zfcp device driver.
* Copyright IBM Corp. 2018, 2020
#ifndef ZFCP_DIAG_H
#define ZFCP_DIAG_H
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include "zfcp_fsf.h"
#include "zfcp_def.h"
* struct zfcp_diag_header - general part of a diagnostic buffer.
* @access_lock: lock protecting all the data in this buffer.
* @updating: flag showing that an update for this buffer is currently running.
* @incomplete: flag showing that the data in @buffer is incomplete.
* @timestamp: time in jiffies when the data of this buffer was last captured.
* @buffer: implementation-depending data of this buffer
* @buffer_size: size of @buffer
struct zfcp_diag_header {
spinlock_t access_lock;
/* Flags */
u64 updating :1;
u64 incomplete :1;
unsigned long timestamp;
void *buffer;
size_t buffer_size;
* struct zfcp_diag_adapter - central storage for all diagnostics concerning an
* adapter.
* @max_age: maximum age of data in diagnostic buffers before they need to be
* refreshed (in ms).
* @port_data: data retrieved using exchange port data.
* @port_data.header: header with metadata for the cache in
* cached QTCB Bottom of command exchange port data.
* @config_data: data retrieved using exchange config data.
* @config_data.header: header with metadata for the cache in
* cached QTCB Bottom of command exchange config data.
struct zfcp_diag_adapter {
unsigned long max_age;
struct zfcp_diag_adapter_port_data {
struct zfcp_diag_header header;
struct fsf_qtcb_bottom_port data;
} port_data;
struct zfcp_diag_adapter_config_data {
struct zfcp_diag_header header;
struct fsf_qtcb_bottom_config data;
} config_data;
int zfcp_diag_adapter_setup(struct zfcp_adapter *const adapter);
void zfcp_diag_adapter_free(struct zfcp_adapter *const adapter);
void zfcp_diag_update_xdata(struct zfcp_diag_header *const hdr,
const void *const data, const bool incomplete);
* Function-Type used in zfcp_diag_update_buffer_limited() for the function
* that does the buffer-implementation dependent work.
typedef int (*zfcp_diag_update_buffer_func)(struct zfcp_adapter *const adapter);
int zfcp_diag_update_config_data_buffer(struct zfcp_adapter *const adapter);
int zfcp_diag_update_port_data_buffer(struct zfcp_adapter *const adapter);
int zfcp_diag_update_buffer_limited(struct zfcp_adapter *const adapter,
struct zfcp_diag_header *const hdr,
zfcp_diag_update_buffer_func buffer_update);
* zfcp_diag_support_sfp() - Return %true if the @adapter supports reporting
* SFP Data.
* @adapter: adapter to test the availability of SFP Data reporting for.
static inline bool
zfcp_diag_support_sfp(const struct zfcp_adapter *const adapter)
return !!(adapter->adapter_features & FSF_FEATURE_REPORT_SFP_DATA);
#endif /* ZFCP_DIAG_H */