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Pull clk updates from Stephen Boyd:
 "We have a couple patches in the framework core this time around but
  they're mostly minor cleanups and some debugfs stuff. The real work
  that's in here is the typical pile of clk driver updates and new SoC

  Per usual (or maybe just recent trends), Qualcomm gains a handful of
  SoC drivers additions and has the largest diffstat. After that there
  are quite a few updates to the Allwinner (sunxi) drivers to support
  modular drivers and Renesas is heavily updated to add more support for
  various clks.

  Overall it looks pretty normal.

  New Drivers:
   - Add MDMA and BDMA clks to Ingenic JZ4760 and JZ4770
   - MediaTek mt7986 SoC basic support
   - Clock and reset driver for Toshiba Visconti SoCs
   - Initial clock driver for the Exynos7885 SoC (Samsung Galaxy A8)
   - Allwinner D1 clks
   - Lan966x Generic Clock Controller driver and associated DT bindings
   - Qualcomm SDX65, SM8450, and MSM8976 GCC clks
   - Qualcomm SDX65 and SM8450 RPMh clks

   - Set suppress_bind_attrs to true for i.MX8ULP driver
   - Switch from do_div to div64_ul for throughout all i.MX drivers
   - Fix imx8mn_clko1_sels for i.MX8MN
   - Remove unused IPG_AUDIO_ROOT from i.MX8MP
   - Switch parent for audio_root_clk to audio ahb in i.MX8MP driver
   - Removal of all remaining uses of __clk_lookup() in
   - Refactoring of the CPU clocks registration to use common interface
   - An update of the Exynos850 driver (support for more clock domains)
     required by the E850-96 development board
   - Prep for runtime PM and generic power domains on Tegra
   - Support modular Allwinner clk drivers via platform bus
   - Lan966x clock driver extended to support clock gating
   - Add serial (SCI1), watchdog (WDT), timer (OSTM), SPI (RSPI), and
     thermal (TSU) clocks and resets on Renesas RZ/G2L
   - Rework SDHI clock handling in the Renesas R-Car Gen3 and RZ/G2
     clock drivers, and in the Renesas SDHI driver
   - Make the Cortex-A55 (I) clock on Renesas RZ/G2L programmable
   - Document support for the new Renesas R-Car S4-8 (R8A779F0) SoC
   - Add support for the new Renesas R-Car S4-8 (R8A779F0) SoC
   - Add GPU clock and resets on Renesas RZ/G2L
   - Add clk-provider.h to various Qualcomm clk drivers
   - devm version of clk_hw_register_gate()
   - kerneldoc fixes in a couple drivers"

* tag 'clk-for-linus' of git:// (131 commits)
  clk: visconti: Remove pointless NULL check in visconti_pll_add_lookup()
  clk: mediatek: add mt7986 clock support
  clk: mediatek: add mt7986 clock IDs
  dt-bindings: clock: mediatek: document clk bindings for mediatek mt7986 SoC
  clk: mediatek: clk-gate: Use regmap_{set/clear}_bits helpers
  clk: mediatek: clk-gate: Shrink by adding clockgating bit check helper
  clk: x86: Fix clk_gate_flags for RV_CLK_GATE
  clk: x86: Use dynamic con_id string during clk registration
  ACPI: APD: Add a fmw property clk-name
  drivers: acpi: acpi_apd: Remove unused device property "is-rv"
  x86: clk: clk-fch: Add support for newer family of AMD's SOC
  clk: ingenic: Add MDMA and BDMA clocks
  dt-bindings: clk/ingenic: Add MDMA and BDMA clocks
  clk: bm1880: remove kfrees on static allocations
  clk: Drop unused COMMON_CLK_STM32MP157_SCMI config
  clk: st: clkgen-mux: search reg within node or parent
  clk: st: clkgen-fsyn: search reg within node or parent
  clk: Enable/Disable runtime PM for clk_summary
  MAINTAINERS: Add entries for Toshiba Visconti PLL and clock controller
  clk: visconti: Add support common clock driver and reset driver