Merge tag 'docs-broken-links' of git://

Pull documentation fixes from Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
 "This solves a series of broken links for files under Documentation,
  and improves a script meant to detect such broken links (see

  The changes on this series are:

   - can.rst: fix a footnote reference;

   - crypto_engine.rst: Fix two parsing warnings;

   - Fix a lot of broken references to Documentation/*;

   - improve the scripts/documentation-file-ref-check script, in order
     to help detecting/fixing broken references, preventing

  After this patch series, only 33 broken references to doc files are
  detected by scripts/documentation-file-ref-check"

* tag 'docs-broken-links' of git:// (26 commits)
  fix a series of Documentation/ broken file name references
  Documentation: fix a broken reference
  ABI: sysfs-devices-system-cpu: remove a broken reference
  devicetree: fix a series of wrong file references
  devicetree: fix name of pinctrl-bindings.txt
  devicetree: fix some bindings file names
  MAINTAINERS: fix location of DT npcm files
  MAINTAINERS: fix location of some display DT bindings
  kernel-parameters.txt: fix pointers to sound parameters
  bindings: nvmem/zii: Fix location of nvmem.txt
  docs: Fix more broken references
  scripts/documentation-file-ref-check: check tools/*/Documentation
  scripts/documentation-file-ref-check: get rid of false-positives
  scripts/documentation-file-ref-check: hint: dash or underline
  scripts/documentation-file-ref-check: add a fix logic for DT
  scripts/documentation-file-ref-check: accept more wildcards at filenames
  scripts/documentation-file-ref-check: fix help message
  media: max2175: fix location of driver's companion documentation
  media: v4l: fix broken video4linux docs locations
  media: dvb: point to the location of the old README.dvb-usb file