Merge tag 'net-5.15-rc7' of git://

Pull networking fixes from Jakub Kicinski:
 "Including fixes from netfilter, and can.

  We'll have one more fix for a socket accounting regression, it's still
  getting polished. Otherwise things look fine.

  Current release - regressions:

   - revert "vrf: reset skb conntrack connection on VRF rcv", there are
     valid uses for previous behavior

   - can: m_can: fix iomap_read_fifo() and iomap_write_fifo()

  Current release - new code bugs:

   - mlx5: e-switch, return correct error code on group creation failure

  Previous releases - regressions:

   - sctp: fix transport encap_port update in sctp_vtag_verify

   - stmmac: fix E2E delay mechanism (in PTP timestamping)

  Previous releases - always broken:

   - netfilter: ip6t_rt: fix out-of-bounds read of ipv6_rt_hdr

   - netfilter: xt_IDLETIMER: fix out-of-bound read caused by lack of

   - netfilter: ipvs: make global sysctl read-only in non-init netns

   - tcp: md5: fix selection between vrf and non-vrf keys

   - ipv6: count rx stats on the orig netdev when forwarding

   - bridge: mcast: use multicast_membership_interval for IGMPv3

   - can:
      - j1939: fix UAF for rx_kref of j1939_priv abort sessions on
        receiving bad messages

      - isotp: fix TX buffer concurrent access in isotp_sendmsg() fix
        return error on FC timeout on TX path

   - ice: fix re-init of RDMA Tx queues and crash if RDMA was not inited

   - hns3: schedule the polling again when allocation fails, prevent

   - drivers: add missing of_node_put() when aborting

   - ptp: fix possible memory leak and UAF in ptp_clock_register()

   - e1000e: fix packet loss in burst mode on Tiger Lake and later

   - mlx5e: ipsec: fix more checksum offload issues"

* tag 'net-5.15-rc7' of git:// (75 commits)
  usbnet: sanity check for maxpacket
  net: enetc: make sure all traffic classes can send large frames
  net: enetc: fix ethtool counter name for PM0_TERR
  ptp: free 'vclock_index' in ptp_clock_release()
  sfc: Don't use netif_info before net_device setup
  sfc: Export fibre-specific supported link modes
  net/mlx5e: IPsec: Fix work queue entry ethernet segment checksum flags
  net/mlx5e: IPsec: Fix a misuse of the software parser's fields
  net/mlx5e: Fix vlan data lost during suspend flow
  net/mlx5: E-switch, Return correct error code on group creation failure
  net/mlx5: Lag, change multipath and bonding to be mutually exclusive
  ice: Add missing E810 device ids
  igc: Update I226_K device ID
  e1000e: Fix packet loss on Tiger Lake and later
  e1000e: Separate TGP board type from SPT
  ptp: Fix possible memory leak in ptp_clock_register()
  net: stmmac: Fix E2E delay mechanism
  nfc: st95hf: Make spi remove() callback return zero
  net: hns3: disable sriov before unload hclge layer
  net: hns3: fix vf reset workqueue cannot exit