Merge git://

* git://
  lguest: turn Waker into a thread, not a process
  lguest: Enlarge virtio rings
  lguest: Use GSO/IFF_VNET_HDR extensions on tun/tap
  lguest: Remove 'network: no dma buffer!' warning
  lguest: Adaptive timeout
  lguest: Tell Guest net not to notify us on every packet xmit
  lguest: net block unneeded receive queue update notifications
  lguest: wrap last_avail accesses.
  lguest: use cpu capability accessors
  lguest: virtio-rng support
  lguest: Support assigning a MAC address
  lguest: Don't leak /dev/zero fd
  lguest: fix verbose printing of device features.
  lguest: fix switcher_page leak on unload
  lguest: Guest int3 fix
  lguest: set max_pfn_mapped, growl loudly at Yinghai Lu