Merge tag 'usb-4.10-rc3' of git://

Pull USB fixes from Greg KH:
 "Here are a bunch of USB fixes for 4.10-rc3. Yeah, it's a lot, an
  artifact of the holiday break I think.

  Lots of gadget and the usual XHCI fixups for reported issues (one day
  that driver will calm down...) Also included are a bunch of usb-serial
  driver fixes, and for good measure, a number of much-reported MUSB
  driver issues have finally been resolved.

  All of these have been in linux-next with no reported issues"

* tag 'usb-4.10-rc3' of git:// (72 commits)
  USB: fix problems with duplicate endpoint addresses
  usb: ohci-at91: use descriptor-based gpio APIs correctly
  usb: storage: unusual_uas: Add JMicron JMS56x to unusual device
  usb: hub: Move hub_port_disable() to fix warning if PM is disabled
  usb: musb: blackfin: add bfin_fifo_offset in bfin_ops
  usb: musb: fix compilation warning on unused function
  usb: musb: Fix trying to free already-free IRQ 4
  usb: musb: dsps: implement clear_ep_rxintr() callback
  usb: musb: core: add clear_ep_rxintr() to musb_platform_ops
  USB: serial: ti_usb_3410_5052: fix NULL-deref at open
  USB: serial: spcp8x5: fix NULL-deref at open
  USB: serial: quatech2: fix sleep-while-atomic in close
  USB: serial: pl2303: fix NULL-deref at open
  USB: serial: oti6858: fix NULL-deref at open
  USB: serial: omninet: fix NULL-derefs at open and disconnect
  USB: serial: mos7840: fix misleading interrupt-URB comment
  USB: serial: mos7840: remove unused write URB
  USB: serial: mos7840: fix NULL-deref at open
  USB: serial: mos7720: remove obsolete port initialisation
  USB: serial: mos7720: fix parallel probe