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Device-Tree bindings for Samsung Exynos SoC display controller (DECON)
DECON (Display and Enhancement Controller) is the Display Controller for the
Exynos series of SoCs which transfers the image data from a video memory
buffer to an external LCD interface.
Required properties:
- compatible: value should be one of:
"samsung,exynos5433-decon", "samsung,exynos5433-decon-tv";
- reg: physical base address and length of the DECON registers set.
- interrupt-names: should contain the interrupt names depending on mode of work:
video mode: "vsync",
command mode: "lcd_sys",
command mode with software trigger: "lcd_sys", "te".
- interrupts or interrupts-extended: list of interrupt specifiers corresponding
to names privided in interrupt-names, as described in
- clocks: must include clock specifiers corresponding to entries in the
clock-names property.
- clock-names: list of clock names sorted in the same order as the clocks
property. Must contain "pclk", "aclk_decon", "aclk_smmu_decon0x",
"aclk_xiu_decon0x", "pclk_smmu_decon0x", "aclk_smmu_decon1x",
"aclk_xiu_decon1x", "pclk_smmu_decon1x", clk_decon_vclk",
- ports: contains a port which is connected to mic node. address-cells and
size-cells must 1 and 0, respectively.
- port: contains an endpoint node which is connected to the endpoint in the mic
node. The reg value muset be 0.
SoC specific DT entry:
decon: decon@13800000 {
compatible = "samsung,exynos5433-decon";
reg = <0x13800000 0x2104>;
clocks = <&cmu_disp CLK_ACLK_DECON>, <&cmu_disp CLK_ACLK_SMMU_DECON0X>,
<&cmu_disp CLK_ACLK_XIU_DECON0X>,
<&cmu_disp CLK_PCLK_SMMU_DECON0X>,
<&cmu_disp CLK_ACLK_SMMU_DECON1X>,
<&cmu_disp CLK_ACLK_XIU_DECON1X>,
<&cmu_disp CLK_PCLK_SMMU_DECON1X>,
<&cmu_disp CLK_SCLK_DECON_VCLK>,
<&cmu_disp CLK_SCLK_DECON_ECLK>;
clock-names = "aclk_decon", "aclk_smmu_decon0x", "aclk_xiu_decon0x",
"pclk_smmu_decon0x", "aclk_smmu_decon1x", "aclk_xiu_decon1x",
"pclk_smmu_decon1x", "sclk_decon_vclk", "sclk_decon_eclk";
interrupt-names = "vsync", "lcd_sys";
interrupts = <0 202 0>, <0 203 0>;
ports {
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <0>;
port@0 {
reg = <0>;
decon_to_mic: endpoint {
remote-endpoint = <&mic_to_decon>;