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u-blox GNSS Receiver DT binding
The u-blox GNSS receivers can use UART, DDC (I2C), SPI and USB interfaces.
Please see Documentation/devicetree/bindings/gnss/gnss.txt for generic
Required properties:
- compatible : Must be one of
- vcc-supply : Main voltage regulator
Required properties (DDC):
- reg : DDC (I2C) slave address
Required properties (SPI):
- reg : SPI chip select address
Required properties (USB):
- reg : Number of the USB hub port or the USB host-controller port
to which this device is attached
Optional properties:
- timepulse-gpios : Time pulse GPIO
- u-blox,extint-gpios : GPIO connected to the "external interrupt" input pin
- v-bckp-supply : Backup voltage regulator
serial@1234 {
compatible = "ns16550a";
gnss {
compatible = "u-blox,neo-8";
v-bckp-supply = <&gnss_v_bckp_reg>;
vcc-supply = <&gnss_vcc_reg>;