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Synaptics RMI4 F01 Device Binding
The Synaptics RMI4 core is able to support RMI4 devices using different
transports and different functions. This file describes the device tree
bindings for devices which contain Function 1. Complete documentation
for transports and other functions can be found in:
Additional documentation for F01 can be found at:
Optional Properties:
- syna,nosleep-mode: If set the device will run at full power without sleeping.
nosleep has 3 modes, 0 will not change the default
setting, 1 will disable nosleep (allow sleeping),
and 2 will enable nosleep (disabling sleep).
- syna,wakeup-threshold: Defines the amplitude of the disturbance to the
background capacitance that will cause the
device to wake from dozing.
- syna,doze-holdoff-ms: The delay to wait after the last finger lift and the
first doze cycle.
- syna,doze-interval-ms: The time period that the device sleeps between finger
Example of a RMI4 I2C device with F01:
&i2c1 {
rmi4-i2c-dev@2c {
compatible = "syna,rmi4-i2c";
rmi4-f01@1 {
reg = <0x1>;
syna,nosleep-mode = <1>;