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Bindings for EETI touchscreen controller
Required properties:
- compatible: should be "eeti,exc3000-i2c"
- reg: I2C address of the chip. Should be set to <0xa>
- interrupts: interrupt to which the chip is connected
Optional properties:
- attn-gpios: A handle to a GPIO to check whether interrupt is still
latched. This is necessary for platforms that lack
support for level-triggered IRQs.
The following optional properties described in touchscreen.txt are
also supported:
- touchscreen-inverted-x
- touchscreen-inverted-y
- touchscreen-swapped-x-y
i2c-master {
touchscreen@a {
compatible = "eeti,exc3000-i2c";
reg = <0xa>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio>;
interrupts = <123 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_RISING>;
attn-gpios = <&gpio 123 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;