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IBM OPAL Sensor Groups Binding
Node: /ibm,opal/sensor-groups
Description: Contains sensor groups available in the Powernv P9
servers. Each child node indicates a sensor group.
- compatible : Should be "ibm,opal-sensor-group"
Each child node contains below properties:
- type : String to indicate the type of sensor-group
- sensor-group-id: Abstract unique identifier provided by firmware of
type <u32> which is used for sensor-group
operations like clearing the min/max history of all
sensors belonging to the group.
- ibm,chip-id : Chip ID
- sensors : Phandle array of child nodes of /ibm,opal/sensor/
belonging to this group
- ops : Array of opal-call numbers indicating available operations on
sensor groups like clearing min/max, enabling/disabling sensor