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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Firmware-Assisted Dump internal code.
* Copyright 2011, Mahesh Salgaonkar, IBM Corporation.
* Copyright 2019, Hari Bathini, IBM Corporation.
/* Maximum number of memory regions kernel supports */
/* The upper limit percentage for user specified boot memory size (25%) */
#define memblock_num_regions(memblock_type) (memblock.memblock_type.cnt)
/* Alignment per CMA requirement. */
max_t(unsigned long, MAX_ORDER - 1, \
/* FAD commands */
* Copy the ascii values for first 8 characters from a string into u64
* variable at their respective indexes.
* e.g.
* The string "FADMPINF" will be converted into 0x4641444d50494e46
static inline u64 fadump_str_to_u64(const char *str)
u64 val = 0;
int i;
for (i = 0; i < sizeof(val); i++)
val = (*str) ? (val << 8) | *str++ : val << 8;
return val;
#define FADUMP_CPU_UNKNOWN (~((u32)0))
#define FADUMP_CRASH_INFO_MAGIC fadump_str_to_u64("FADMPINF")
/* fadump crash info structure */
struct fadump_crash_info_header {
u64 magic_number;
u64 elfcorehdr_addr;
u32 crashing_cpu;
struct pt_regs regs;
struct cpumask online_mask;
struct fadump_memory_range {
u64 base;
u64 size;
/* fadump memory ranges info */
#define RNG_NAME_SZ 16
struct fadump_mrange_info {
char name[RNG_NAME_SZ];
struct fadump_memory_range *mem_ranges;
u32 mem_ranges_sz;
u32 mem_range_cnt;
u32 max_mem_ranges;
bool is_static;
/* Platform specific callback functions */
struct fadump_ops;
/* Firmware-assisted dump configuration details. */
struct fw_dump {
unsigned long reserve_dump_area_start;
unsigned long reserve_dump_area_size;
/* cmd line option during boot */
unsigned long reserve_bootvar;
unsigned long cpu_state_data_size;
u64 cpu_state_dest_vaddr;
u32 cpu_state_data_version;
u32 cpu_state_entry_size;
unsigned long hpte_region_size;
unsigned long boot_memory_size;
u64 boot_mem_dest_addr;
u64 boot_mem_addr[FADUMP_MAX_MEM_REGS];
u64 boot_mem_sz[FADUMP_MAX_MEM_REGS];
u64 boot_mem_top;
u64 boot_mem_regs_cnt;
unsigned long fadumphdr_addr;
unsigned long cpu_notes_buf_vaddr;
unsigned long cpu_notes_buf_size;
* Maximum size supported by firmware to copy from source to
* destination address per entry.
u64 max_copy_size;
u64 kernel_metadata;
int ibm_configure_kernel_dump;
unsigned long fadump_enabled:1;
unsigned long fadump_supported:1;
unsigned long dump_active:1;
unsigned long dump_registered:1;
unsigned long nocma:1;
struct fadump_ops *ops;
struct fadump_ops {
u64 (*fadump_init_mem_struct)(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf);
u64 (*fadump_get_metadata_size)(void);
int (*fadump_setup_metadata)(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf);
u64 (*fadump_get_bootmem_min)(void);
int (*fadump_register)(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf);
int (*fadump_unregister)(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf);
int (*fadump_invalidate)(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf);
void (*fadump_cleanup)(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf);
int (*fadump_process)(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf);
void (*fadump_region_show)(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf,
struct seq_file *m);
void (*fadump_trigger)(struct fadump_crash_info_header *fdh,
const char *msg);
/* Helper functions */
s32 fadump_setup_cpu_notes_buf(u32 num_cpus);
void fadump_free_cpu_notes_buf(void);
u32 *fadump_regs_to_elf_notes(u32 *buf, struct pt_regs *regs);
void fadump_update_elfcore_header(char *bufp);
bool is_fadump_boot_mem_contiguous(void);
bool is_fadump_reserved_mem_contiguous(void);
/* Firmware-assisted dump configuration details. */
struct fw_dump {
u64 boot_mem_top;
u64 dump_active;
extern void rtas_fadump_dt_scan(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf, u64 node);
static inline void
rtas_fadump_dt_scan(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf, u64 node) { }
extern void opal_fadump_dt_scan(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf, u64 node);
static inline void
opal_fadump_dt_scan(struct fw_dump *fadump_conf, u64 node) { }