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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
config R8188EU
tristate "Realtek RTL8188EU Wireless LAN NIC driver"
depends on WLAN && USB && CFG80211
depends on m
select WEXT_PRIV
select LIB80211
select LIB80211_CRYPT_WEP
select LIB80211_CRYPT_CCMP
This option adds support for the Realtek RTL8188EU chipset, used in USB
devices such as the ASUS USB-N10 Nano. This newer driver is based on GitHub
sources for version v4.1.4_6773.20130222, and contains modifications for
newer kernel features. If built as a module, it will be called r8188eu.
if R8188EU
config 88EU_AP_MODE
bool "Realtek RTL8188EU AP mode"
This option enables Access Point mode. Unless you know that your system
will never be used as an AP, or the target system has limited memory,
"Y" should be selected.