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* EMIF family of TI SDRAM controllers
EMIF - External Memory Interface - is an SDRAM controller used in
TI SoCs. EMIF supports, based on the IP revision, one or more of
DDR2/DDR3/LPDDR2 protocols. This binding describes a given instance
of the EMIF IP and memory parts attached to it. Certain revisions
of the EMIF controller also contain optional ECC support, which
corrects one bit errors and detects two bit errors.
Required properties:
- compatible : Should be of the form "ti,emif-<ip-rev>" where <ip-rev>
is the IP revision of the specific EMIF instance. For newer controllers,
compatible should be one of the following:
- phy-type : <u32> indicating the DDR phy type. Following are the
allowed values
<1> : Attila PHY
<2> : Intelli PHY
- device-handle : phandle to a "lpddr2" node representing the memory part
- ti,hwmods : For TI hwmods processing and omap device creation
the value shall be "emif<n>" where <n> is the number of the EMIF
instance with base 1.
- interrupts : interrupt used by the controller
Required only for "ti,emif-am3352" and "ti,emif-am4372":
- sram : Phandles for generic sram driver nodes,
first should be type 'protect-exec' for the driver to use to copy
and run PM functions, second should be regular pool to be used for
data region for code. See Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sram/sram.yaml
for more details.
Optional properties:
- cs1-used : Have this property if CS1 of this EMIF
instance has a memory part attached to it. If there is a memory
part attached to CS1, it should be the same type as the one on CS0,
so there is no need to give the details of this memory part.
- cal-resistor-per-cs : Have this property if the board has one
calibration resistor per chip-select.
- hw-caps-read-idle-ctrl: Have this property if the controller
supports read idle window programming
- hw-caps-dll-calib-ctrl: Have this property if the controller
supports dll calibration control
- hw-caps-ll-interface : Have this property if the controller
has a low latency interface and corresponding interrupt events
- hw-caps-temp-alert : Have this property if the controller
has capability for generating SDRAM temperature alerts
emif1: emif@4c000000 {
compatible = "ti,emif-4d";
ti,hwmods = "emif2";
phy-type = <1>;
device-handle = <&elpida_ECB240ABACN>;
/* From am33xx.dtsi */
emif: emif@4c000000 {
compatible = "ti,emif-am3352";
reg = <0x4C000000 0x1000>;
sram = <&pm_sram_code
emif1: emif@4c000000 {
compatible = "ti,emif-dra7xx";
reg = <0x4c000000 0x200>;
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 105 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;