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Macronix NANDs Device Tree Bindings
Macronix NANDs support randomizer operation for scrambling user data,
which can be enabled with a SET_FEATURE. The penalty when using the
randomizer are subpage accesses prohibited and more time period needed
for program operation, i.e., tPROG 300us to 340us (randomizer enabled).
Enabling the randomizer is a one time persistent and non reversible
For more high-reliability concern, if subpage write is not available
with hardware ECC and not enabled at UBI level, then enabling the
randomizer is recommended by default by adding a new specific property
in children nodes.
Required NAND chip properties in children mode:
- randomizer enable: should be "mxic,enable-randomizer-otp"
nand: nand-controller@unit-address {
nand@0 {
reg = <0>;