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SMSC USB3503 High-Speed Hub Controller
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be "smsc,usb3503" or "smsc,usb3503a".
Optional properties:
- reg: Specifies the i2c slave address, it is required and should be 0x08
if I2C is used.
- connect-gpios: Should specify GPIO for connect.
- disabled-ports: Should specify the ports unused.
'1' or '2' or '3' are available for this property to describe the port
number. 1~3 property values are possible to be described.
Do not describe this property if all ports have to be enabled.
- intn-gpios: Should specify GPIO for interrupt.
- reset-gpios: Should specify GPIO for reset.
- initial-mode: Should specify initial mode.
(1 for HUB mode, 2 for STANDBY mode)
- refclk: Clock used for driving REFCLK signal (optional, if not provided
the driver assumes that clock signal is always available, its
rate is specified by REF_SEL pins and a value from the primary
reference clock frequencies table is used). Use clocks and
clock-names in order to assign it
- refclk-frequency: Frequency of the REFCLK signal as defined by REF_SEL
pins (optional, if not provided, driver will not set rate of the
REFCLK signal and assume that a value from the primary reference
clock frequencies table is used)
usb3503@8 {
compatible = "smsc,usb3503";
reg = <0x08>;
connect-gpios = <&gpx3 0 1>;
disabled-ports = <2 3>;
intn-gpios = <&gpx3 4 1>;
reset-gpios = <&gpx3 5 1>;
initial-mode = <1>;
clocks = <&clks 80>;
clock-names = "refclk";