Merge tag 'for-5.12-rc6-tag' of git://

Pull btrfs fix from David Sterba:
 "One more patch that we'd like to get to 5.12 before release.

  It's changing where and how the superblock is stored in the zoned
  mode. It is an on-disk format change but so far there are no
  implications for users as the proper mkfs support hasn't been merged
  and is waiting for the kernel side to settle.

  Until now, the superblocks were derived from the zone index, but zone
  size can differ per device. This is changed to be based on fixed
  offset values, to make it independent of the device zone size.

  The work on that got a bit delayed, we discussed the exact locations
  to support potential device sizes and usecases. (Partially delayed
  also due to my vacation.) Having that in the same release where the
  zoned mode is declared usable is highly desired, there are userspace
  projects that need to be updated to recognize the feature. Pushing
  that to the next release would make things harder to test"

* tag 'for-5.12-rc6-tag' of git://
  btrfs: zoned: move superblock logging zone location