Merge git://

Pull target fixes from Nicholas Bellinger:
 "Two minor target fixes.  There is really nothing exciting and/or
  controversial this time around.

  There's one fix from MDR for a RCU debug warning message within tcm_fc
  code (CC'ed to stable), and a small AC fix for qla_target.c based upon
  a recent Coverity static report.

  Also, there is one other outstanding virtio-scsi LUN scanning bugfix
  that has been uncovered with the in-flight tcm_vhost driver over the
  last days, and that needs to make it into 3.5 final too.  This patch
  has been posted to linux-scsi again here:

  and I've asked James to include it in his next PULL request."

* git://
  qla2xxx: print the right array elements in qlt_async_event
  tcm_fc: Resolve suspicious RCU usage warnings