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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef _PARISC_PDC_H
#define _PARISC_PDC_H
#include <uapi/asm/pdc.h>
#if !defined(__ASSEMBLY__)
extern int parisc_narrow_firmware;
extern int pdc_type;
extern unsigned long parisc_cell_num; /* cell number the CPU runs on (PAT) */
extern unsigned long parisc_cell_loc; /* cell location of CPU (PAT) */
extern unsigned long parisc_pat_pdc_cap; /* PDC capabilities (PAT) */
/* Values for pdc_type */
#define PDC_TYPE_PAT 0 /* 64-bit PAT-PDC */
#define PDC_TYPE_SYSTEM_MAP 1 /* 32-bit, but supports PDC_SYSTEM_MAP */
#define PDC_TYPE_SNAKE 2 /* Doesn't support SYSTEM_MAP */
void pdc_console_init(void); /* in pdc_console.c */
void pdc_console_restart(void);
void setup_pdc(void); /* in inventory.c */
/* wrapper-functions from pdc.c */
int pdc_add_valid(unsigned long address);
int pdc_instr(unsigned int *instr);
int pdc_chassis_info(struct pdc_chassis_info *chassis_info, void *led_info, unsigned long len);
int pdc_chassis_disp(unsigned long disp);
int pdc_chassis_warn(unsigned long *warn);
int pdc_coproc_cfg(struct pdc_coproc_cfg *pdc_coproc_info);
int pdc_coproc_cfg_unlocked(struct pdc_coproc_cfg *pdc_coproc_info);
int pdc_iodc_read(unsigned long *actcnt, unsigned long hpa, unsigned int index,
void *iodc_data, unsigned int iodc_data_size);
int pdc_system_map_find_mods(struct pdc_system_map_mod_info *pdc_mod_info,
struct pdc_module_path *mod_path, long mod_index);
int pdc_system_map_find_addrs(struct pdc_system_map_addr_info *pdc_addr_info,
long mod_index, long addr_index);
int pdc_model_info(struct pdc_model *model);
int pdc_model_sysmodel(char *name);
int pdc_model_cpuid(unsigned long *cpu_id);
int pdc_model_versions(unsigned long *versions, int id);
int pdc_model_capabilities(unsigned long *capabilities);
int pdc_model_platform_info(char *orig_prod_num, char *current_prod_num, char *serial_no);
int pdc_cache_info(struct pdc_cache_info *cache);
int pdc_spaceid_bits(unsigned long *space_bits);
#ifndef CONFIG_PA20
int pdc_btlb_info(struct pdc_btlb_info *btlb);
int pdc_mem_map_hpa(struct pdc_memory_map *r_addr, struct pdc_module_path *mod_path);
#endif /* !CONFIG_PA20 */
int pdc_lan_station_id(char *lan_addr, unsigned long net_hpa);
int pdc_stable_read(unsigned long staddr, void *memaddr, unsigned long count);
int pdc_stable_write(unsigned long staddr, void *memaddr, unsigned long count);
int pdc_stable_get_size(unsigned long *size);
int pdc_stable_verify_contents(void);
int pdc_stable_initialize(void);
int pdc_pci_irt_size(unsigned long *num_entries, unsigned long hpa);
int pdc_pci_irt(unsigned long num_entries, unsigned long hpa, void *tbl);
int pdc_get_initiator(struct hardware_path *, struct pdc_initiator *);
int pdc_tod_read(struct pdc_tod *tod);
int pdc_tod_set(unsigned long sec, unsigned long usec);
void pdc_pdt_init(void); /* in pdt.c */
int pdc_mem_pdt_info(struct pdc_mem_retinfo *rinfo);
int pdc_mem_pdt_read_entries(struct pdc_mem_read_pdt *rpdt_read,
unsigned long *pdt_entries_ptr);
#ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
int pdc_mem_mem_table(struct pdc_memory_table_raddr *r_addr,
struct pdc_memory_table *tbl, unsigned long entries);
void set_firmware_width(void);
void set_firmware_width_unlocked(void);
int pdc_do_firm_test_reset(unsigned long ftc_bitmap);
int pdc_do_reset(void);
int pdc_soft_power_info(unsigned long *power_reg);
int pdc_soft_power_button(int sw_control);
void pdc_io_reset(void);
void pdc_io_reset_devices(void);
int pdc_iodc_getc(void);
int pdc_iodc_print(const unsigned char *str, unsigned count);
void pdc_emergency_unlock(void);
int pdc_sti_call(unsigned long func, unsigned long flags,
unsigned long inptr, unsigned long outputr,
unsigned long glob_cfg);
int __pdc_cpu_rendezvous(void);
static inline char * os_id_to_string(u16 os_id) {
switch(os_id) {
case OS_ID_NONE: return "No OS";
case OS_ID_HPUX: return "HP-UX";
case OS_ID_MPEXL: return "MPE-iX";
case OS_ID_OSF: return "OSF";
case OS_ID_HPRT: return "HP-RT";
case OS_ID_NOVEL: return "Novell Netware";
case OS_ID_LINUX: return "Linux";
default: return "Unknown";
#endif /* !defined(__ASSEMBLY__) */
#endif /* _PARISC_PDC_H */