Merge tag 'irq-msi-2022-01-13' of git://

Pull MSI irq updates from Thomas Gleixner:
 "Rework of the MSI interrupt infrastructure.

  This is a treewide cleanup and consolidation of MSI interrupt handling
  in preparation for further changes in this area which are necessary

   - address existing shortcomings in the VFIO area

   - support the upcoming Interrupt Message Store functionality which
     decouples the message store from the PCI config/MMIO space"

* tag 'irq-msi-2022-01-13' of git:// (94 commits)
  genirq/msi: Populate sysfs entry only once
  PCI/MSI: Unbreak pci_irq_get_affinity()
  genirq/msi: Convert storage to xarray
  genirq/msi: Simplify sysfs handling
  genirq/msi: Add abuse prevention comment to msi header
  genirq/msi: Mop up old interfaces
  genirq/msi: Convert to new functions
  genirq/msi: Make interrupt allocation less convoluted
  platform-msi: Simplify platform device MSI code
  platform-msi: Let core code handle MSI descriptors
  bus: fsl-mc-msi: Simplify MSI descriptor handling
  soc: ti: ti_sci_inta_msi: Remove ti_sci_inta_msi_domain_free_irqs()
  soc: ti: ti_sci_inta_msi: Rework MSI descriptor allocation
  NTB/msi: Convert to msi_on_each_desc()
  PCI: hv: Rework MSI handling
  powerpc/mpic_u3msi: Use msi_for_each-desc()
  powerpc/fsl_msi: Use msi_for_each_desc()
  powerpc/pasemi/msi: Convert to msi_on_each_dec()
  powerpc/cell/axon_msi: Convert to msi_on_each_desc()
  powerpc/4xx/hsta: Rework MSI handling